Multi Million Pound Firle Footpath Ploughed Up for the Third Time


For the third time, the Firle Estate has ploughed up a path that it gets a huge subsidy to keep open, despite promises to the Open Spaces Society given three months ago that it would be opened

The path, which runs south from the Barley Mow Pub at Selmeston, is one of the reasons that the Firle estate gets millions of pounds worth of Inheritance Tax relief.

Until the Open Spaces Society publicised the situation, there was almost no way of telling where these lucrative paths were.

New Signpost on Sussex Border Path

Steve Kisko has kindly supplied the following report:

A Big Thank You to the Brighton & Hove City Council rangers, cityparks staff and their associates who recently installed this brand new Restricted-Byway signpost in a much needed position.

Located at a T junction where restricted byway RBP11 meets RBP15, (grid ref TQ 249092), north of Mount Zion, within the boundary of Brighton & Hove, this spot forms an important turning on our (Sussex Ramblers) Sussex Border Path (SBP).


The Ramblers Association has just completed the survey section of its Big Pathwatch campaign which attempted to survey the rights of way in as many kilometre squares on the Ordnance Survey map in England and Wales as possible.

Travelman took part in this project, walking 500 kilometres of rights of way and surveying some 450 squares.

Sussex Border Path Celebratory Walk Postponed

Sussex Area is postponing the proposed Sussex Border Path Celebratory Walk, due to take place on the 19th September. We are now planning to develop a walking festival using parts of the Path in all Group areas in 2016. Further information will be published in due course.


Open Spaces Society Action Gets Land at Breaky Bottom Open to the Public

Breaky Bottom map

Action by the Open Spaces society has resulted in more land at Breaky Bottom Vineyard, Sussex by opened to the public. The Society objected to an order which would have continued the restriction. As a result part of the land has been made available for public access.

The public access area is shown in yellow/brown on the map.

2026 and all that!

You may have heard the date 2026 mentioned in relation to public rights of way and have been wondering what's it all about. Well unless you are prepared to take some action it could be that after that date you will be unable to use paths you've walked for many years, as they will be no longer available to you!

The Definitive Map (DM) of public rights of way shows the paths that we all enjoy using and provides the rights of way information shown on OS maps. The presence of a route on the DM is conclusive proof in law that the public has the rights shown.


Ramblers Routes

Ramblers are rolling out Ramblers Routes, a web-based route development tool that creates high quality route descriptions and maps, which in time (with your help) will lead to a comprehensive library of walks for members.

There are currently opportunities for both Route Developers and Route Checkers to become involved and to contribute to the development of routes:

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